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Wasted Time

We all have the same amount of hours in a day, Therefore each of us holds the key to our own life. The outcome good or bad falls on our shoulders. We can pursue small things that catch our eye, basically distractions or we can choose to work towards a major goal.  All of us must keep in mind, that once an hour has passed it is gone forever, there is nobody to blame, but ourselves. So we must choose wisely.

The Blame Game


Our lives are built on our actions, attitude, and the choices we make every day, even those people we let in our inner circle.  If we are unhappy with where we are in any aspect of life, we are responsible for change, too often we look for outside influence. The soundtrack of our lives is the thoughts we vocalize or play in our mind on a daily basis.

Enjoy Life, Slow Down.

When we are constantly racing towards a destination, what happens to the moments we are living right now? Fast does not always mean better, many times we are in such a hurry we fail to do the necessary work it takes to build a strong base. In life details matter.


When we choose to take a stand, not yield to pressure, we learn that we can triumph over darkness.  Facing the truth, we take the actions necessary to accomplish our goals, despite our fear of failure. The difficulties we will face in life are great, when we choose the right path, it may take us into unknown territory, yet if we stay the course we find what we need most.


Questions We Might Ask Ourselves


We all want change, yet few of us define our goals.  They will remain some distant dream until we decide exactly what we want.  We have a choice daily to either follow the positive or let the negative take over. Change is never easy, it will bring uncertainty, failure, life lessons, even strength in mind and body.

Five questions.

Consistency Is King

A habit is not born in a day, change will not come with a couple of days work. It is only through diligent work, overcoming any setbacks while continuing to learn on a consistent basis that we realize progress. In life consistency is king.

Training Gains



I learned early on in life to never believe that I knew everything. Just about every single person you come in contact with can teach you something.  Never stop learning. When it comes to achieving fitness goals, find people who have achieved similar goals to yours, and then learn from them. You will also need to learn by studying your body and finding what does and does not work for you.

As I’ve gotten older it has become harder to make fitness gains.  While the strength is still there, speed and recovery are not what they used to be.  I never used to warm up or stretch when it came time to work out. I could just jump right into it.  Now, those days are long gone.

What works for me is a warm-up protocol that I adapted from a kettlebell pre-workout routine and an Olympic weightlifting program.  As part of my warm-up I do some flexibility movements, lightweight movements aimed at restoring balance to muscles, and some injury prevention exercises.  

I have found that by taking the time every day to do these movements, I have cut down my injuries and boosted my performance.

When I was training well over a decade ago, we used to have these crazy fight camps.  It was all about getting in the work, tons of cardio, weights and lots of physical activity.  We learned that it actually hampered our performance, because we were overtrained. Since then, I have learned to train smarter, which has added benefits for me because of my age.

We’re all unique, and that also applies to our bodies.  We all need to find what works for us, keeping in mind there are few givens when it comes to working out and strengthening your body.

You must challenge yourself.   There is no easy way, the time has to be spent and the work has to be done.  If we believe that we can go through a few comfortable, easy motions and reap the same benefits, we are deluding ourselves. There is no one exercise or fad that will make us fit. While there are many types of exercise that can achieve strength and growth, they all need to have this in common: they must be ever-changing, both progressive and regressive.

Other important but often neglected aspects of being able to continue to realize gains are nutrition, recovery and sleep.  

We can no longer put whatever we want into our bodies.  Even if that worked for you in your youth, by the time you reach your forties your body will no longer respond the same way.  A balanced diet of whole foods will not fail us in any way. Eat your vegetables, and lots of them. Over the years I have added a few supplements – minerals and vitamins – to my whole foods diet, and you may find some that work for you.  

As we age, we also need to increase our recovery time. Good rest is a must.

Aside from those basics, you will need to pay attention to your body and take care of it.  Learn from your failures, put in the work and reach new goals – at any age.