Strength Longevity Mindset Program

Fitness After 40


November 6 2019

Two of my bodyweight workouts.  I train bodyweight 3 days a week and three days of kettlebells.  I also work on skills training, Boxing, Kickboxing, and Jiujitsu daily.

Bodyweight 20 -10 

Push up – close, medium, wide                      Pike Push up High knee

Flat on back explode up 4 hops                     Reverse lunge knee Ground to lunge

High plank  3 thrusters                                   Mountain climber core tight Two single arm 

Alternating leg raise speed-hands up            Hip thrusters- triangle Burpee x 3

Get-ups                                                          Supermans

Sprint                                                             Tuck jump

Jump squat sprawl                                         Russian twists

Explosive sit up                                              Slow squat


Bodyweight Day 20-10

Sprint one sprawl                Plank push up Rotational plank

Explosive push up               Jumping Jack lunge Tabletops

Ali shuffle                            High plank jacks Ab bicycles

1-2 sit-ups                           Big leg lifts 3 sets of Burpees

T-row push-up                    Deep squats hold

Stand up-squat                   Knee hop-up

Superman 2 tuck jumps     Lateral hop

Crab toe touch                   Real kickouts

October 2 2018

I have really worked on my fitness these last couple of months. I started some new training methods and mixed up my old.  I added more Tabata training.  I felt that my performance had been slipping, so I worked on what I felt were my weak points.

I have been using the jump rope, airdyne and rower in conjunction with kettlebells.  I go heavy one week and then take it down a few kilos.  I have been making steady progress.  It seems a lot slower than in the past.  It could be that I am older, I am careful about my weight or both.


July 17 2018

If we constantly speak about being a failure, unlucky or about how unfair life can be, it will soon be true. Our daily thoughts, verbalizations, and actions control the life we live. Positivity brings just that.
I felt tired early.  I got my walk in and kettlebell.  I did the AM circuit with everyone.  Then I grappled for 20 minutes and then a few rounds of boxing.  I felt better!

July 16 2018

Our activities are dominated by those we can do well, we all have preferences. We tend to avoid the unfamiliar which stunts our growth. Take a chance, change it up, do something fresh and new.
Early walk, got to the gym and did my kettlebell warm up.  Then a full kettlebell workout. Sometimes after fasting, I feel weak.  Today I felt great.  I then did about 30 minutes of grappling and 8 good rounds of kickboxing sparring.

July 14 2018

Nobody can win all the time. There are cycles to life, good, bad and those times it feels like nothing is happening. This is growth time, do something new, take it all in, enjoy the journey, own it.
I got my early AM walk in with the dogs and then hit the gym. I did my kettlebell warm up, three rounds of holding mits an then geared up.
I did six rounds of boxing sparring, A kettlebell snatch, deadlift workout and some core work.
Sandbag work at the farm

July 12 2018



Take a hard look around, be thankful for we do have, let the negative go. It is never too late for a course correction with the proper mindset. Life becomes our concentrated thoughts and actions.

My day started at 2:25 AM, I took the dogs out for a mile walk. Then took off for the gym.  I started my warm-up at the gym at 4:45 AM, I start with a roll out. I use PVC pipe and a Lacrosse ball.  Then I use a small kettlebell to do a warm-up flexibility routine.

After I am warmed up I do 10 Turkish get-ups and 100 swings with a kettlebell.

I did some extra deadlifts and snatches today.  I did about 45 minutes of grappling and then 35 minutes of kickboxing sparring.  Then some more kettlebell lifts.

In the afternoon, a kettlebell warm up and some heavy farmers carry.