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A gift box of books! There is no better gift and just in time for Memorial Day.


January 1, 2017

The Bible-God – I will read this all year.

The Book Of Five Rings-Miyamoto Musashi- I have read this many times since the 1980’s Everytime I read this book I take something more away with me.  What a great study not just in combat, but in life. Finished 1-12-17

Extreme Ownership- Lief Babin and Jocko Willink -Finished this book on 1-8-17 it was a great read. I wonder why I resisted getting into Jocko’s podcast and this book.  It is not only a great leadership tool it applies to life.  Much like A book of Five Rings or The Art of War. A must read.

The Atlantis Gene- A.G. Riddle  This was a fun read. It was good with all the lore, Nazi Bell, Atlantis etc.  1-27-17

A Million Miles in A Thousand Years- Donald Miller- My second time. Finished it 1-20-17 it is just a great story about telling your story.  I love how Donald Miller writes about all the doubt and worry that goes into telling your story. He writes what a lot of us are thinking, but never admit it.  A great read.


Live Your Dreams-Les Brown I recommend this book for anyone who wants to work through their life’s issues.  Great stories and examples. Finished 1-31-17


Tao of Jeet Kune Do- Another great book on the philosophy of combat and life in general. I read this first in the 1980’s when I was in JKD with Ted Lucaylucay. Finished this book on 2-19-17

1-31-17Alone in the Apocalypse written by AJ Newman another just for fun read. Finished this book on 1-27-17.  Okay.


Theodore Roosevelt: Life Lesson from the 26th President of the United States. Finished on 2-13-17 I had heard a podcast on Teddy and he is a part of the Blue Bloods TV show so I read this book.  I am glad I did.  I learned a lot about him.  Some of these people today should read this book.


Matagorda  by louis l’amour.  Great Western that follows the formula.   Finished on 2-7-17  Once again a great quick read.


The First Fast Draw by Louis L’amour The story of Cullen Baker a Texas Gunfighter.  Good post-Civil War book. Finished 2-12-17 Nobody can tell a story like Louis.  He will bring you right into the time and place.  Great story.


The Cold Dish by Craig Johnson.   This guy can write.  I started watching the show Longmire which is based off these books.   I looked up Craig on Youtube and he spoke well so I ordered the first book. I have been so busy working that I did not post this. I finished this book on 3-1-17 It was great, so much better than the TV series.  I love the way he writes, he can tell a story!  I ordered more of his books.


The Race by Clive Cussler and Justin Scott.  I am a big Clive Cussler fan.  Great adventure stories. I really like these Issac Bell adventures, great fun.  A good escape. 3-28-17



The Daybreakers by Louis L’amour. The story of the Sackett brothers.  They left the hills of Tennessee for the west. They come of age and find fortune in the land.  A read. Finished this on 3-14-17


Sackett by Louis L’amour.  The story of William Tell Sackett.  He found some gold in a high up hidden valley and hopes to keep it. Louis is the ultimate storyteller a good way to pass the downtime.  3-20-17.


Death Without Company by Craig Johnson.  Another great Longmire novel.  He can suck you right into the story!  I really like this guys style. A modern western. It was a complex mystery and it held my attention to the end. 4-5-17


Cannery Row by John Steinbeck.  I found this book when my father passed away. It was the first edition, so I just put it away.  I picked it up and man John Steinbeck can put words together!  I like it. Finished this on 5-9-17 and this was a great book.  I never thought a story that takes place in one small area about the local people would appeal to me.  It did and now I will read more of his books.


Squall by Sean Costello.  It looked like a fun book to burn what extra time I have. I am not a fan of this book.  It turned out to be the kind of crime book I dislike. A women killer, cardboard bad guys.  finished it on 4-20-17 I always finish a book once I start it.


Kindness Goes Unpunished by Craig Johnson.  This is number three in his series. This was another great book.  It helped pass the time in the gym when I had some downtime. Great story and this time it takes place in Philly.  Longmire is a complex character with great internal dialogue. Finished on 5-20-17


The Devine Mentor by Wayne Cordeiro. This was a great read.  Very informative and recommend it.  It explains a lot and shows you where to go to find a mentor that will never let you down.  I am following some of his journaling tips.  Finished on 5-7-17


Travels with Charley: In Search of America by John Steinbeck.  This about a trip John Steinbeck took with his dog Charley across America. Once again Steinbeck delivers! It brings you deep into his mind and you feel the words.  It was just his take on what he saw as he traveled.  I thought about the bond that he and Charlie had and it brings home how much our pets mean to us.  I finished this book on 6-6-2017 and when I was done I googled it.  I came across a few negative articles written by professors in English departments at some schools.  These people are all the same.  They cannot write so they look for the negative and they like to tear down great people.  The only books they can sell are those they force students to buy.  They pretend to be experts in a field and yet they have no real world experience.  They never met Steinbeck, they never shared a drink or hung out.  They love to judge history by today’s standards.  This was a great book and it is just his take.  Read it because it was written by a real writer.


Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee by Dee Brown I thought I would read what it has to say about the American Indian history. A great book.  If we wish to right the wrongs of the past we should all read this book and then talk.  We have done nothing but destroy the whole culture.  Everyone should read this book. Finished on 8-10-2017


The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. Break through the blocks and win your inner creative battles.  A great book for anyone in the arts, but really helpful for writers.  It is a quick read, but it makes you think.  It opens your mind up to why we all do certain things.  Great book!  Finished June- 1- 2017


Red Blood, Black Sand by Chuck Tatum What a great book!  It was the story of Chuck from Stockton California who joined the Marines at age 17 during World War Two. I thought I knew the story of Iwo Jima. I did not but this book was so good I finished it in a day.  It is a must read if you want to understand that generation of hero’s.  Today I have doubts if we have what it takes to fight over an 8 square mile island in the Pacific. Finished 6-4-2017


The Tibbits Story by Paul W. Tibbets.  The story of the pilot who dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Great read.  There are few men like Paul Tibbets left in America.  This is a well-written story.  He goes through the early days before we had an airforce.  He explains why dropping the atom bomb on Japan was necessary. It saved millions of lives on all sides. If you like World War Two History pick this book up.

6-5-2017 The Third Bullet by Stephen Hunter This is a Bob Lee Swagger novel. A great sniper, but in this one Bob who is advanced in age uses his knowledge to solve the JFK murder. A great storyteller and great action.  Solid background story a fun read! Finished on 6-9-2017


Tortilla Flat by John Steinbeck.  A story of friendship set after the great war. A great story about a group of friends and others who live on the fringe of society.  Danny is a man who returns home to find out that he has become the owner of two homes that belonged to his grandfather.  Another story in which I thought I could not have any interest.  Steinbeck uses his prose to suck you into the story.  Great book!  I have kept away from his most famous books, but I will soon read them. Finished on 7-22-2017


To Hell And Back by Audie Murphy The story of World War Two’s most decorated soldier. I’ve been reading this when I had free time. It is a great read.  These kind of men no longer are the norm.  Reading it you can take away how special the men who liberated Europe were.  Great lesson.  Give it a read. It’s worth it.  Finished. 8-2-2017


Inside the Battle of the Bulge: A Private Comes Of Age by Roscoe C Blunt Jr  Blunts Adventure in 1944 with the 84th Rail-splitter Infantry Division. This was a great book and I am glad that I own it.  It is a straightforward account Blunts time fighting in Europe during World War Two. It is the real war from a private’s point of view. I will tell you this, there were no snowflakes and no time for hurt feelings. He was on the line for 171 continuous days. I have my doubts if we could win a war today.  All of our soldiers would be in prison.  Great look at true men. Finished on 7-9-2017



As a Man Thinketh by James Allen.  This book was published in 1903 and it still holds very timely information for everyone who wishes it.  I have read this book many times since the 1980’s and each time I read it, I take away something new. I recommend this book. Every time I read this it gets better.  What a book. finished 7-2-2017


Legends and Lies The Patriots by Bill O’Reilly This was a great book on the revolutionary war.  It gives you facts about our history.  I felt it was a good read for Independence day. I recommend this book!  All these people who complain about the country need to read this and then tell us about their problems. Finished on 7-3-2017


Eight Pillers of Prosperity by James Allen.  Written in 1911 it is a classic work on mindset and the rules we must follow. This was another great James Allen work.  I am shocked that his work has been overlooked.  It is old but it all applies to all of us today.  If you have a chance give him a read.  Finished 7-18-2017


Killing the Rising Sun by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard. This book details America’s fight with Japan and what it took to win that fight.  The savage island fighting to take vital airstrips on small Islands in the Pacific ocean to the dropping of two atomic bombs. Once you read about how many Japanese died to hold onto the territory they felt was vital to their nation, there can be no doubt invading Japan itself would have been a bloodbath.  We not only saved American lives but many more Japanese lives by using the bombs.  A great read!  Finished 7-20-2017


Fighter Pilot: The Memoirs of Legendary Ace Robin Olds  This was a great book.  It spanned so much of our history.  He flew P-38’s in World War Two before he got into a   P-51.  He became an Ace shooting down enemy fighters.  He saw German jets in action.  He flew a fighter in Vietnam and shot down our enemies.  I am glad to have read this book.  I had never heard of him, but just reading about his life feels like a privilege. Finished this book 8-14-2017


The Warriors Path by Louis L’amour I have been doing a lot of work lately and I needed an escape.  There is no other better American storyteller.  The story of the Sackett family in early America 1620’s great book on the struggles and adventures of these brave people.   Finished on 8-17-2017



Enter the Kettlebell by Pavel If you use a kettlebell this is the basic book you should have.  I bought his dvd of the same name when it came out. I decided to read the book this year. It was well worth it.  It is just the basics of Russian kettlebell training.  What more do you need?  Finished on 8-29-2017




The Gangster by Clive Cussler an Issac Bell Novel.  I generally stay away from anything related to organized crime because I feel I will be let down.  The men in the life are not witty or hero’s, the Life is a grind.  If a writer has never been there it is hard to get the right feel. Clive Cussler writes men’s adventure and I am a fan.  I own a Dirk Pitt Doxa Watch. Issac Bell is another character which I like.  I could not pass up a book about the turn of century Black Hand in New York.  Fun and entertaining. Good book. I finished this on 9-3-2017


Kettlebell Training Fundamentals by Taco Fleur another great resources on Kettlebell training.  This book breaks it down for everyone both pro and casual user.  I was given this book for review and I love it.  The section on grips is a great asset to understanding the kettlebell. I recommend this book for everyone!  Finished on 9-3-2017 five stars!



Jubal Sackett by Louis L’Amour another great book.  It picks up where the other early American Sackett stories left off.  Jubal is a long hunter who always wishes to know what is just over the next mountain.  He meets some other Indians from an almost extinct tribe and together they fight their enemies.  A fun read.  Finished 9-10-2017



Guadal Canel Remembered by Herbert Christian Merillat  I had heard about this battle but had never read an account.  This book is written by a man who was there using notes he took while they were fighting.



The Last Shootist by Miles Swarthout.  This is the sequel to one of my favorite books and movies. The Shootist was written by Glendon Swarthout the father of Miles.  It was turned into a movie starring John Wayne and it is great.  Miles can write and I am glad they waited so many years to write this book. It follows Gillom Rogers who in the movie was played by Ron Howard.  J.B Books has just had his epic shootout in the Saloon.  He is mortally wounded and he asks young Gillom to finish him off. Gillom does the deed and takes his famous matched pair of pistols. Then he becomes highly skilled at gunfighting.  He soon realizes that it is not what he wants his life to be.  A great book!                 Finished on 10-3-2017


Six Days of the Condor by James Grady another book that was turned into a great movie starring Robert Redford.  Hollywood changed it to Three Days of the Condor.  This is a perfect what if book. It’s still relevant today.  Great CIA book.  I recommend it.                       I finished this book on 10-4-2017