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Take Charge

Life is busy, we have a lot to do, yet we cannot delegate important aspects of our lives to others. Many of us let others make decisions that will impact our lives. Its time to slow down, look into what life ramifications these big choices will have in our life.  Take charge, investigate, weigh the pros and cons, then decide what’s best for ourselves.



We All Have Free will

All of us know deep down what is right and good for us. The problem is we will not always make the right choices we will come up short or fail.  We have free will, we are not perfect, our choices will not all be great. This is life learning, we must stumble, this is how we learn, the goal is for us not to repeat the same mistakes over again.


Wasted Time

We all have the same amount of hours in a day, Therefore each of us holds the key to our own life. The outcome good or bad falls on our shoulders. We can pursue small things that catch our eye, basically distractions or we can choose to work towards a major goal.  All of us must keep in mind, that once an hour has passed it is gone forever, there is nobody to blame, but ourselves. So we must choose wisely.

The Blame Game


Our lives are built on our actions, attitude, and the choices we make every day, even those people we let in our inner circle.  If we are unhappy with where we are in any aspect of life, we are responsible for change, too often we look for outside influence. The soundtrack of our lives is the thoughts we vocalize or play in our mind on a daily basis.

Enjoy Life, Slow Down.

When we are constantly racing towards a destination, what happens to the moments we are living right now? Fast does not always mean better, many times we are in such a hurry we fail to do the necessary work it takes to build a strong base. In life details matter.


When we choose to take a stand, not yield to pressure, we learn that we can triumph over darkness.  Facing the truth, we take the actions necessary to accomplish our goals, despite our fear of failure. The difficulties we will face in life are great, when we choose the right path, it may take us into unknown territory, yet if we stay the course we find what we need most.