Monthly Archives: October 2019


Our bodies serve our minds, we are the masters of it, we choose what we put into it and often we abuse it. All of us know what we should do, there is no lack of information, yet excuses come easy and we slide into a comfortable feeling of taking no action until we are close to the edge of disaster.

Take Charge

Life is busy, we have a lot to do, yet we cannot delegate important aspects of our lives to others. Many of us let others make decisions that will impact our lives. Its time to slow down, look into what life ramifications these big choices will have in our life.  Take charge, investigate, weigh the pros and cons, then decide what’s best for ourselves.



We All Have Free will

All of us know deep down what is right and good for us. The problem is we will not always make the right choices we will come up short or fail.  We have free will, we are not perfect, our choices will not all be great. This is life learning, we must stumble, this is how we learn, the goal is for us not to repeat the same mistakes over again.


Wasted Time

We all have the same amount of hours in a day, Therefore each of us holds the key to our own life. The outcome good or bad falls on our shoulders. We can pursue small things that catch our eye, basically distractions or we can choose to work towards a major goal.  All of us must keep in mind, that once an hour has passed it is gone forever, there is nobody to blame, but ourselves. So we must choose wisely.