A Desert Adventure (by Dog)

I’ve seen a lot in the last week. A huge poodle, the three cats and a skunk out my picture window. I’ve also been watching my owners closely and more stuff has been disappearing. They took bags of clothes out of the spare room closet.  Then two chairs and a small table thing I used to hide my squeaky toys under was the next to go.

I’ve been kind of lazy because the weather has been cold (under 70 degrees!) and hazy.  Unless the sun is shining warm, I like to lounge on the couch.  Its a real treat when they turn on the heater box in the bedroom, and I curl up as close as I can get without burning my fur.

All last weekend these two stayed home and tore apart the house.  I don’t like it when they make messes, that is usually my job when they are not home.  I like them around to feed me, hike me and tickle me, but not ALL day for three days.

Last Monday started off real strange. My owner woke up and his regular 4am time and sat in front of his computer.  I was watching him, waiting for my hike.  Then, instead of putting on his hiking boots, he started cooking my breakfast.  I was like, “Hold on there!  Aren’t we forgetting my long hike?” Then my other owner started making their breakfast and they watched the news, both things that we normally do after our hike.  He put my food in front of the tv, where I like it, but no way was I going to eat that – I need my hike!  I just sat on the couch and watched them.  Then she started tickling me and dropped some banana on my breakfast.  Hey I can’t let that yummy goodness go to waste!  Oh it was good and the rest was warm and smelled good so I ate it after all.

Then he puts his boots on, grabs his machine that beeps and heads out the door without me. I watched him through the window and then he came back.  He got my leash and we went in the car.  The ride was long, but hey, after that big meal I needed a nap.  When we got to where we were going he opened the door and it was the desert.  What a great surprise!  I love it!  Full of dirt and bugs.  Lots of rocks to hop on.  So my owner connected my leash to me so I could lead him to the digging spots.  I was extra alert so he wouldn’t get lost, but I saw a couple of the those dessert rabbits with big ears and I wanted to follow them.

Once we hiked for a couple of miles with the nice hot sun coming up, he stopped so I could relax and warm myself. He went off with his machine beeping and a small shovel.  I was snoozing but I kept my eyes on him so he wouldn’t get lost.  Every so often he would get out of my sight, and I had to get up and bark until he came back.  We had great fun.  After all that hiking and sunning he needed me to lead him back to the car.  We took a few pictures.  Once home, I needed dinner but my other owner grabbed me and put me in the tub!  I’m a Lab and I like water, but not that kind!

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