I’ve noticed some of the things I love disappearing around the house.  The first hint was when my owners took apart the guest bedroom bed set and put it in the living room.  When they leave for work, they have always closed the door to that room.  I used to hit the closed door with my paws until it opened.  Then it was time to mess up the clean sheets and get comfy on memory foam! Warm on cold days and cool on hot days, you cant beat it for a nap.

Some strange people came and took it away, and now my owners leave the door to the empty room open and no longer care if I go in there.  There are boxes all over and they seem busy taking pictures of things that are not me.  Very unusual.

Things seem normal because every day this week my owner took me on my 4am hike.  We saw coyotes, raccoons and ducks by the pond in the park. When I get back he cooks up my breakfast of eggs and lean chicken breast.  I have to keep my muscular physique.

My bed is still next to their bed and so is my favorite throne. My squeaky bees, squeaky bunny and two squeaky Lamb Chops are still here, so I’ll just keep my eye on these two.

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