Man: (Kenji) Early riser! I take my dogs for a hike every morning at 3am while the world sleeps.  I’m a screenwriter, Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, boxer, Kickboxer, MMA and boxing coach, Certified Personal trainer, prospector, hiker, and history buff.  I love to read, especially old westerns and civil war era books. Today through books and social media I spread my Christian testimony. You can find me most days training at K-Fit Minooka, our gym.

Wife:  (Anne) I attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign  from 2000-2004, graduating with a degree in Rhetoric, Professional Writing Option.  I then spent a few years living and working downtown Chicago before I made the move to Los Angeles, where I lived for almost a decade.  I spent the last five of those years in California working for John E. Gross, MD, FACS, a plastic surgeon in Pasadena, California.  I loved working in the medical field, and when Dr. Gross retired from operating due to a bad back, I decided to return to school and pursue a degree in the medical field.  We moved to Illinois where I have been taking classes in the sciences, and helping my husband as we took on the exciting project of opening our own gym, K-FIT.    I am a writer and editor for the Plastic Surgery Channel, a media company based in Dallas, Texas.  I love vintage fashion (especially 50’s dresses), hummingbirds, gardening, distance running, and Muay Thai (Thai kickboxing).

Us: Met in 2010, Married in 2014.  We’ve spent our Los Angeles weekends escaping the city limits to go panning for Gold in the East Fork of the San Gabriel River, nugget shooting in the desert,  history hunting in the ghost towns near Randsburg, hiking the Angeles Forest trails and exploring (repeatedly) the Huntington Library and Gardens in San Marino (arguably the best museum on earth).  Our favorite vacation was an RV road trip to Arches and Canyonlands National Parks in Utah.

Dogs: Phoenix:  My parents thought I was a black labrador when they found me, but I turned sort of brownish as I grew, and never really got as big as a real labrador.   I love to lay in the sun until I overheat, then lay in the house panting until I’m cool enough to go lay in the sun some more. I really love chasing bunnies.

Henry: My Parents rescued me from death row in Missouri when I was 8 months old. I am a Labrador/Husky Mix aka Huskador.  I am fast and I love to get away and jump in the creek. I will get into trouble if not kept on a short leash.  I love the cold and especially the snow.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Charlie Clemmons

    I love your website and getting to know you guys. No doubt God is working through you for the benefit of others. God Bless You!!!!


  2. Gerald Kielian

    Since I have not heard from you I will not be at the gym tomorrow at 5:00 AM as I planned. I did buy your book Breakshot from Amazon. It has been delivered to my office. Have not begun reading.


  3. James DeWeaver

    Thank you Kenji for your time and the interview you did with Ed Opperman. I personally found it very insightful and it was one of the best interviews I’ve heard so far on the Opperman Report, of which I’ve listened to many!
    Your honesty and crazy (carrying 3kgs. of blow onto planes etc.) life stories left me sitting there and thinking to myself that the Lord works in many strange ways it would appear but he does indeed have plans for all of us, myself included, wherever we might find ourselves in life.
    My life is good for now and I do plan on visiting your website for more of your written word insights which have more meaning to myself than I can relate to you here and now.
    Thanks again and I look forward to your next interview with Ed, he’s a good guy I believe and although we’ve never met, I would trust him as you yourself did with your interview.
    1000 Thanks mate!

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